BLT2.3 and Tix4.1.7.6 (BLT's widgets kill the ui) 
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 BLT2.3 and Tix4.1.7.6 (BLT's widgets kill the ui)


I am using Tcl7.6p2/Tk4.2p2, Tix and BLT 2.3

I like the Tix widgets and simply want to put some
instrumentation like strip charts in tix's
notebook pages but when I run the code my ui simply

The problem occurs in uiCreateGraph when I create a
'graph' widget. it simply dies. On the other hand
if I create a tixComboBox or any other widget except
BLT's widgets it works fine.

is there any incompatibility ?


# $w is a Tix notebook page frame in uiSim

proc uiSim {w} {

    global ui

    # Setup Frames
    tixLabelFrame $w.f1 -label "NOrth"

    uiCreateGraph [$w.f1 subwidget frame] north

    tixForm $w.f1 -top 0 -left 0 -right %33 -bottom %50


proc uiCreateGraph {w name} {
    global ui
#    tixComboBox $w.$name
    graph $w.$name
    pack $w.$name -expand yes -fill both

Sun, 19 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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