Black and White of Tcl/Tk in Solaris 2.4 
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 Black and White of Tcl/Tk in Solaris 2.4

Subject: Black and White of Tcl/Tk in Solaris 2.4
Organization: Univ. of South Australia
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Hi, all the experienced Netters,

I am a new user of Tcl/Tk, I just started to use it recently.
I wonder if someone can help me regarding my black and white Tcl/Tk
window? I just upgraded to  Tcl7.4, Tcl7.4p1.patch, Tk4.0, and
Tk4.0p1.patch, unfortunately, the 'wish' and 'gkwish' windows do not
have any color!??? It's very strange! I did install tcl7.3 and tk3.6
before and there was color! I don't know why?

I system I am running is
        Machine:                Sun Sparc 10
        Operating Syatem:       Solaris 2.4 (SunOS 5.4)
                                OpenWindow 3.4
        Tcl version:            7.4
        Tk version:             4.0
        C compiler & linker:        Sun C

Thanks in Advance!

Wed, 25 Feb 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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