How to pass the argv variables from batch file to .tcl file 
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 How to pass the argv variables from batch file to .tcl file

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>       Earlier I used to create stand alone executable for TCL files. Now
>that I find that invoking those executables take longer time, I decided to
>use batch file in which I calling the wish83.exe with the tcl script file.

Q) Why are your executables taking a longer time? Is your exec file
that large?  

Here are some things to consider:

If you are running Windows, then do you have ample RAM and Hard dRIVE
space for virtual memory?

Have you consider putting up a splash screen to give the user
something to look at, or a progress bar?

Best wishes



>In the TCL script, I use argv vasriable to open up files. Now I invoke batch
>file, the argument variable goes with batch file.
>How to I redirect this argument variable to the tcl script. It looks more
>like Windows problem than TCL problem.

>I hope somebody would have had this problem and solved it.

>Thanks & Regards

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