binary scan: "character string"? 
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 binary scan: "character string"?

I'm curious to know what the definition of 'character string' is in
the [binary scan] manpage? Specifically, if I give a count, will it
potentially treat the data as two-byte unicode characters or does the
count equal the number of bytes? In my own small test it did what
I wanted (equal to number of bytes), but with the data at hand that
could be a coincidence.

The reason I'm asking is because there does not seem to be any other
way of reading N bytes into a variable without altering the data in the
process. The obvious choice would be the 'c' scan option, but if I do "c5" I
get 5 bytes split into a list, which I cannot then reprocess with another
later [binary scan]. For that I just want N bytes, no splitting.

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Sat, 15 Oct 2005 23:58:14 GMT  
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