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 Non-default Colormap or visual


I am writing an app which, for the time being, is guaranteed to run on
systems which support TrueColor visuals.  The server, which is out of
my control, defaults to PsuedoColor.

I would like for my application to be insensitive to colors being used
up in the default colormap.  The two solutions which come to mind are
using a private colormap (ick) or using another visual as the default
for the application, in this case, TrueColor.

Is there any way to get Tk to use something besides the Server's default
visual and depth?  I have tried the "toplevel .foo -visual truecolor"
approach, but that results in black on black and isn't very attractive.
I'm willing to hack at the Tk internals if I have too, but I'm really
looking for an X resource or command line argument that I could pass to
my "wish" (a la "xv -visual truecolor").

Thanks in advance.

Michael Brodeur                | "I will fight no more, forever."

Computervision Corporation     |  

Wed, 10 Sep 1997 04:12:15 GMT  
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