Sterno, a simple Tcl object system, release 0.1 
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 Sterno, a simple Tcl object system, release 0.1

Sterno 0.1: 27 Dec 1997

Sterno is a very simple object system for Tcl that is entirely implemented
in the Tcl language.  Sterno was designed to be as a straight-forward
mechanism for structured data encapsulation and management.  It provides an
object is a command model similar to Tk and supports basic fields and methods.

Sterno is not intended to be a replacement for full-featured object systems,
such as [Incr Tcl].  In fact, there is currently no inheritance mechanism (and
may never be).  It should be simple to learn for anyone familiar with the
basics of modern object-oriented languages.

Sterno is built on top of the Tcl 8.0 namespace system and consistence of
less than 200 executable lines of Tcl code.  It was developed by Mark Diekhans

to this address; remember the underlying philosophy of small tools for small

The current version of Sterno is available from either:

Fri, 16 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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