BLT [graph configure -background] doesn't affect axis backgrounds on my Sun 
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 BLT [graph configure -background] doesn't affect axis backgrounds on my Sun

A BLT question regarding BLT2.4x/y/? on a Sun:

If I configure the -background property (e.g. [graph configure
-background red]) of a new BLT graph on my Linux machine, everything
turns red the way I want it to.  However, the same configuration on my
Sun machine fails to change the background color of the axes.

Is there a BLT user out there who would be willing to confirm the
behavior on his or her Sun machine?  I'm not sure what the correct
behavior should be, but it strikes me as a strange difference, and I
wanted to ask all you what you thought before I bothered George
Howlett about it.

Interactive is probably the easiest way to do it:

> wish8.3

% package require BLT
% blt::graph .g
% pack .g
% .g configure -background red

At this point, are your axis backgrounds red, or not?  Of course, a
simple command can change them individually...

% .g axis configure x -background blue

Thanks in advance for your help,
Karl Voskuil

Mon, 14 Mar 2005 03:21:05 GMT  
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