TCLLib cmdline - multiple file names and multiple invocations 
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 TCLLib cmdline - multiple file names and multiple invocations

I am using cmdline version 1.2

I expect my script to interpret file list just like ls. It does not.

Here are outputs and below that is the example script. Notice last 2
are contrary to my expectations.

Thanks for help,

clifinal.tcl  stty.tcl      wrapper.tcl

Passed me -files clifinal.tcl
x       0
files   clifinal.tcl

"clifinal.tcl stty.tcl"
Passed me -files {clifinal.tcl stty.tcl}
x       0
files   clifinal.tcl stty.tcl

Passed me -files clifinal.tcl stty.tcl
x       0
files   clifinal.tcl

Passed me -files clifinal.tcl stty.tcl wrapper.tcl
x       0
files   clifinal.tcl


package require cmdline

proc CommandLineParse { args } {
puts "Passed me $args"
    global env
    set options {
        { files.arg "" "list of tests" }
        { x "0" "" }
    set usage "<options>"
    array set params [ ::cmdline::getoptions args $options $usage ]

    foreach { param value } [ array get params ] {
        puts "$param\t$value"


eval CommandLineParse $argv

Tue, 23 Jan 2007 06:55:40 GMT  
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