tcl 7.5b3 Win-95 tclsh BUG - only 1 tclsh process allowed 
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 tcl 7.5b3 Win-95 tclsh BUG - only 1 tclsh process allowed

When running the distributed binary of tcl 7.5b3's tclsh (built, I
understand, with the Borland compiler) on Windows 95, I can bring up
two console windows and invoke 2 "tclsh" processes concurrently with no

I also built tclsh using the Visual C++ 4.0 compiler with the makefile
supplied with 7.5b3. The only changes I made to the makefile were
the documented changes as follows:

# Comment the following line to compile with symbols

# uncomment the following two lines to compile with TCL_MEM_DEBUG

When I try to run the "tclsh" built by Vis. C++ 4.0 and this makefile
on Windows 95, I get the following message when typing "tclsh" when
there is already a tclsh running in another window:

tclsh: cannot execute: The process cannot access the file because it is
being used by another process.

Note that the exact same tclsh.exe file runs OK on Windows NT when run
concurrently from 2 console windows. Only 95 shows the problem.

I'll probably rebuild the Tcl stuff tomorrow with NODEBUG=1 and
# DEBUGDEFINES    =-DTCL_MEM_DEBUG (commented out)

but I've gotten saturated with PC trial-and-error based programming, so I
am going to go home & sleep it off. It's at least a combination of
Vis. C++ AND Windows-95, probably also some link option.

Has this behavior been seen elsewhere on 95 only? Thanks

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Sun, 04 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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