Q: interacting with exec'ed commands ? 
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 Q: interacting with exec'ed commands ?


I try to write a tcl-script that telnets to some host. The script should open
the telnet connection and then behave like a human i.e. read the output of the
telnet cmd and write commands to it.
My solution was to open an read/write pipe to the command with

# set up r/w pipe
set pipe [open | "telnet localhost" a+]

and then communicate with the telnet process via a loop of:

# read all output from pipe until eof
while {[ gets $pipe outputline] >= 0 } {
        <do something with $outputline>


# write to pipe and flush
puts $pipe $inputline
flush $pipe

Unfortunatly i could not even login ... the gets got stuck before reading the
"login:" line from the remote host. When i issue the gets by hand in a tclsh i
can read the "login :" line and correctly get an eof for the pipe, but can not
get the telnet process to recognize my puts.

I wonder if THIS IS THE WAY TO DO SUCH THINGS like connecting to some port of
some remote machine?

Please e-mail ..



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Tue, 16 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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