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 Clocks: Was: Ugly Ugly BeBox

[...funny stuff about clocks deleted...]
>At work a utility on the screen tells me the time; if I could find one
>that just told me how long I'd been here, I'd be happier.

Use tclX/Tk !,
send the following to your favorite "wishx":
label .l1 -text "You've been here since:"
label .l2
label .l3
pack .l1 .l2 .l3

set start [getclock]
while 1 {
  set diff [expr [getclock]-$start];
  set h  [expr $diff/3600];
  set m  [expr ($diff-$h*3600)/60];
  .l2 config -text "$diff seconds, or";
  .l3 config -text "[format %02d $h] hours and [format %02d $m] minutes";
  sleep 1;


(pure Tk one (that is without getclock nor sleep) left as an
exercise etc...)


ps 1: yes Tcl/Tk is available on MacOs, Winblows... beside unixes.
      When for BeOs?
ps 2: followup set to comp.lang.tcl which seems more appropriate :-)

Laurent Demailly * http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~dl/ * Linux|PGP|Gnu|Tcl|...  Freedom
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Fri, 15 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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