Need help with simple expect prog. 
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 Need help with simple expect prog.

I am new to tcl and expect, and trying to understand the following code.
What does it mean when stated : You will want to have the Tk description in
place (lines 2 and 3) before running the command (line 4)
I try and get the useless grey box which shows and does nothing!
What's missing?
 This program performs a simple action and puts up a
     "Click to Continue" button to let you know that it finished.

      1   #! /usr/local/bin/expectk --
      2   button  .ok    -text {Running Tar} -command exit
      3   pack    .ok    -fill x -fill y
      4   exec    tar   -cvf /dev/rst2 /p?/project1
      5   expect  eof
      6   .ok     config -text {Click to Continue}

     You will want to have the Tk description in place (lines 2 and
     3) before running the command (line 4) or expectk will place
     a rather annoying default box on the screen until it gets
     directions on how to fill it. Line 6 is used to change the
     text on the button.

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