Error compiling tcl8.3.3 on SGI IRIX6.5 IP27 mips 
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 Error compiling tcl8.3.3 on SGI IRIX6.5 IP27 mips

I am trying to compile tcl8.3.3 under IRIX6.5 mips, using the cc command. I
get errors like this:

 ../generic/../compat/string.h:31: conflicting types for `memchr'

 I am aware of an earlier posted thread with a similar error. There people
recommanded using gcc 2.95 or MIPSpro compiler. As I understand I am using
the MIPSpro compiler when typing cc . Do I have to install gcc2.95 or is
there another way around this problem

thanks a lot for your help

Alexander Mavromaras

Sun, 18 Jan 2004 22:46:03 GMT  
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