bad option "_scrollWidget" when Freewrapped 
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 bad option "_scrollWidget" when Freewrapped

Hi all

I finally got a VisualTcl script wrapped in Freewrap (after much head
banging), only to have this happen with an Incr Scrolledtext widget:

bad option "_scrollWidget": should be one of...
  .top60.fra66.cpd66.f.fra70.cpd72 _deleteOptionInfo
  .top60.fra66.cpd66.f.fra70.cpd72 _initOptionInfo
  .top60.fra66.cpd66.f.fra70.cpd72 bbox index
  .top60.fra66.cpd66.f.fra70.cpd72 cget option
  .top60.fra66.cpd66.f.fra70.cpd72 childsite
  .top60.fra66.cpd66.f.fra70.cpd72 clear
  blah blah blah ...

Waaaah!  What's wrong?  It seems to happen when the textbox gets
filled beyond the number of displayed lines.  I'm glad it's a simple
widget that I can easily create myself, which is what I'll do
meanwhile.  But it would be nice to get the Incr widget going.

I'm using Tcl/Tk 8.4 on a Windoze platform.  

Any takers?

Thu, 01 Dec 2005 11:22:17 GMT  
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