Error handling - Expect under Windows 
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 Error handling - Expect under Windows

I am running Expect (the latest Snapshot 29 from Chaffee) under Windows
NT and Win98.  It works fine if I first run TCL and then source my
program (from the TCL command prompt).  However, if I create an icon on
the desktop to do the same thing, it runs until it hits an error - then
Wham! it closes the TCL window before you could ever hope to see the
error message.  Is there some way to make the window stay open after
the interpreter encounters a problem?  (I don't think 'catch' will help
me here, as it doesn't show the output from the executing script.)
The 'problem' could be anything - a COM port that won't open, a device
that doesn't respond as expected, an unplugged cable.



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Sun, 30 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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