Please Please HELP ;-<! Unresolved Tk bugs! 
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 Please Please HELP ;-<! Unresolved Tk bugs!

Hello netters:

I have been struggling with the following 2 bugs
for the past 2 days, and have no idea how to fix
them. Your help is really appreciated!


Bug #1:

Following is a 40 line code extracted from the problem
I have. I am trying to create a hypertext document.
I have created tags such that:

        <Enter> will high light the text line
        <Leave> will bring the foreground back to normal
        <Button-1> will do a "pack forget".

The problem comes when I try to re-pack the text into
the frame (using the pack command at the end of the code).
The mouse cursor is stucked at the previous line and won't move!
Here is the code:

toplevel .top
frame .top.frame
pack .top.frame -side top

text .top.frame.txt
set htext .top.frame.txt
set lineCnt 1

foreach e {line1 line2} {

        $htext insert end "${e}\n"
        $htext tag add ${e}Tag $lineCnt.0 $lineCnt.end
        $htext tag configure ${e}Tag \
            -underline 1 -foreground DodgerBlue3

        # define tag bindings (need to use global variables)

        $htext tag bind ${e}Tag <Enter> "
            $htext tag configure ${e}Tag -background bisque2

        $htext tag bind ${e}Tag <Leave> "
            $htext tag configure ${e}Tag -background bisque1

        $htext tag bind ${e}Tag <Button-1> "
                        puts $e
            pack forget .top.frame.txt

        set lineCnt [incr lineCnt]


pack .top.frame.txt \
        -side top -fill x -anchor w \
        -padx 5 -pady 5


Bug #2:

We think it is a similar problem. This is for another
Tk application running on SPARC under OPENWIN. The default
binding for the button is not working when the mouse is
pressed. This problem will go away if:

        (1) we logout and don't start any other applications.
        (2) we either write over or append the default binding.


Sat, 08 Mar 1997 06:22:20 GMT  
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