I am looking for Tcl/Tk training courses 
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 I am looking for Tcl/Tk training courses


Sorry if I am posting this article/request in the wrong news group.

I am posting this request for someone who does not have a e-mail address.

This person is interested in finding Tcl/Tk training courses in the Toronto, ON
Canada area (Telephone area code 416 or 905).  He is not too interested in
travelling out of this area (southern Ontario) to take the course.  Does anyone
know of a company that has a GOOD commerical training course in Tcl/Tk?

Please e-mail me direct.  I do not get a chance to read news too often and
it often contains alot of articles when I get back to reading it.  Thanks in

My e-mail address is:

John Chin

I am not an employee of AECL.  All postings
are my opinion and not of my client.

Tue, 01 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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