Missing errors to standard output from wish under MS-Windows 3.1 with Win32S 
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 Missing errors to standard output from wish under MS-Windows 3.1 with Win32S

When I run into an error like a missing file or such under Unix/X11
before I hit the idle loop, I get the error on standard output and
I am able to find and rectify the problem.  Is there any way to
get this information under Windows?  Right now, running from Program
Manager, the program just goes away and leaves me without a clue.
The same sort of error reached in a procedure called from a binding
will cause a nice error window to pop up with the information I
need.  Is there a way to cause this to happen right from the
beginning of the script, so I can find out what is going wrong?


                   John Lind, Starfire Consulting Services

Fri, 09 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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