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 What's the difference?

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    >> Whats the difference between :
    >> #! /usr/bin/env python
    >> and :
    >> #! /usr/bin/python

    David> the first is using the env program to divine the location
    David> of python using the users environment. The second is a
    David> direct path to python. The first is the safest bet if you
    David> do not know where python will be. For example, many people
    David> put python in /usr/local/bin. The first would still work,
    David> but the second would need to be changed.


But it should be noted that the second form should be used for scripts
that have to keep an eye on security...  /usr/bin/env uses the user's
PATH, so it could be possible to get the user to execute a different
script than the one intended.

And absolute path avoids this.

Bye, J

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