ANNOUNCE: Python-Gtk Version 0.2 
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 ANNOUNCE: Python-Gtk Version 0.2

Here's the readme:

Python-Gtk version 0.2

What is it?

Gtk is a general graphic toolkit for X, similar to Tk, Qt, or
Motif.  python-gtk is a package allowing the Gtk toolkit to be
used from within Python.

This package consists of two main parts:  a dynamic module allowing access to the
                        gtk library. an object oriented wrapper around

A Small Example

import gtk
def hello():
        print 'hello world'

w = gtk.Window()
b = gtk.Button('Hello')
b.connect('clicked', hello)

Required Software

This package has been developed for gtk+971025, python 1.4 and
SWIG 1.1.  Other versions may or may not work.  You need to have
the Gtk libraries properly installed.  Also, you will need the
Python header files (Python.h).  If you want to regenerate the C
wrapper file, you will need SWIG.

        Gtk: http://www.*-*-*.com/
        Python: http://www.*-*-*.com/
        SWIG: http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~beazley/SWIG/swig.html


Take a look at the Makefile.  It is pretty simple.


Almost all of the API function calls from the Gtk are available
from _gtk.  There is little or no access to the underlying
datatypes.  I will be investigating wether this capability is
necessary.  You should be able to accomplish a lot with just the
function calls.

Limited signal connections are also implemented.
gtk_signal_connect is called with three arguments instead of
four--a widget, a name, and a Python function.  The data
argument should no be necessary since the Python
default-argument/closure trick can be used.

The Python wrapper module (gtk) is partially complete.  Most
major objects are implemented.

This software is still very much alpha.  While the C interface
(_gtk) is nearly complete, it is mostly untested.  Also, I think
the design of the classes wrapping the interface ( is very
important.  My approach seems to be working so far, but I am not
sure about larger applications (subclassing widgets, etc).  Any
help with the design of this module would greatly be appreciated.
I hope I can do much better than Tkinter.

I am sure there are many bugs to be found in this code.  I
haven't even tested all the Python wrapper classes to see if they
work.  I have my doubts about releasing something this early, but
I am going to try following the Bazaar Method of software

Future Work

        - complete and test interface
        - complete and test Python wrapper module
        - verify reference counting (prevent memory leaks)
        - reduce size of library?
        - document Python module

Where to Get It

        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~nascheme/python-gtk/

Contact Info

        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~nascheme/

[*] http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~esr/writings/cathedral.html

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