Python Job Posting: Austin, TX 
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 Python Job Posting: Austin, TX

Company:  Yield Dynamics, Inc.
Position:  Software / Senior Software Engineer
Location:   Austin, TX

Yield Dynamics, Inc. is a fast growing software company supplying Yield
Management and Advanced Process Control software to the semiconductor
manufacturing industry.  We are looking for an experienced python developer
to work in our Austin research and development center.  The job will involve
close work with our Advanced Process Control engineers to quickly prototype
new products and applications and deliver those prototypes to our
productization team in Santa Clara.  Python skills that we are seeking
include XML parsing, C/C++ extension interfacing, embedding python in other
applications, GUI development under Python,  and database interfacing with
Oracle and MySQL.  Working knowledge of SOAP, XML, HTTP, Apache, Java,
CORBA, and Tcl/Tk is desirable but not required.  Additionally, experience
in the semiconductor industry is a plus!  The job will involve limited
travel, typically to our Santa Clara, CA location.  For more information on
Yield Dynamics, please visit our website at http://www.*-*-*.com/ .

Interested parties should submit their resume via email to:

W. Jarrett Campbell
Member of Technical Staff
Yield Dynamics, Inc.

Tue, 09 Dec 2003 02:37:20 GMT  
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