Py_Exit if "exit" not required 
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 Py_Exit if "exit" not required

I've just been starting to look at using python as an embedded language, and
the example given uses Py_Exit() (aka goaway()) to "close down" the
interpreter. Looking at the source, it is evident that Py_Exit() does rather
more than just call Py_Cleanup() and then exit(). But I can't see a call that
allows one to close down the interpreter WITHOUT exiting - something that
seems an obvious need in an embedded situation, where the controlling software
likely wants to control program exit itself.

Would it be possible/sensible to make Py_Exit() be *actually* a call to
Py_???() followed by exit(), where ??? is some appropriate string (such as
"CloseDown" or something)? Or am I being unnecessarily stupid?

(Yes, I realise that one does not *have* to exit Python at the end of one's
software, but it's neater if one can, and also, what if one wants to close
down the interpreter *before* the end of execution?)


Sun, 07 Mar 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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