Question about the Python Priority Queue Module - PQueue 0.1a 
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 Question about the Python Priority Queue Module - PQueue 0.1a

Hi there,

Has anyone downloaded and used the priority queue module - PQueue 0.1a -
from the web site:
This module is very useful in most cases, but I found one problem when I
used it, and I wonder if there is some bug in the original code of that
module. The problem is described as the follows:

If I use the PQueue object in my simulation program (i.e., set an
attribute of one of my class as a PQueue object), even the simulation
result is correct, the system will just hang there after the program
finishes running, and I have to hit Ctrl-C to get the prompt back. If I
use "del" statement to delete the existing PQueue object in the end of
the program, the system will freeze on the del command line. However, if
I just pop one element from the existing PQueue in the end of the
program, then everything will be fine and I get the prompt back after
the program finishes running.

Has any of you encountered this problem before? Could you guess the
possible reason to cause that problem? Do you know any newer version of
python priority queue module available from the web?

Thanks a lot for your time and kind help.


Tien-Hsiung Lee
Motorola PCS Research and Advanced Technology Labs
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Wed, 07 Jan 2004 00:37:14 GMT  
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