Standard Installation Paths for Python Modules on Linux 
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 Standard Installation Paths for Python Modules on Linux


I need to know which are the standard installation paths for python modules
on Linux Systems.

My assumptions are the following:

* According to the file hierarchy standard (which is mandatory for Linux), all
  software installations additional to the base distribution should
  be under /usr/local. That means that you can mount /usr/local on a
  different   partition, then reinstall the whole system (possibly with a
  different distribution), and your special software is saved,
  It means also, that backups are easier.

* Architecture-independent file should be installed under /usr/local/share

* Architecture - dependent files may be installed under /usr/local/lib
  or /usr/local/bin

This would mean that for an extension module, which contains binary
shared libraries, and python scripts, the shared libraries should be
installed under /usr/local/lib/python/<module>, and the module scripts
should be installed under /usr/local/share/python/<module>

In a file-sharing network, on /usr/local/lib a server directory with
the right binary format can be mounted. (Ehem, where I work we have
kind of an OS Zoo with about three different Unices in eight versions
for six different architectures, perhaps it's understandable that I'm
a bit picky 'bout this).


1. Which are the Pythonic Standards for this? In the Distutils
documentation, there something like "platlib" is mentioned, but only
as example?

2. Does the Python module mechanism find binary extension modules
   which are separated from scripts? (And if no, when will this be fixed?)

3. Why Numpy (15.3) and the like install by default under
/usr/lib/python1.5/site-packages ? (Well I could give some option but

4. How does the Distutils setup script learn if a package is part of a
Linux distribution (and therefore has to install under /usr/lib/...)
or not (and has to install under /usr/local/????) ?

Johannes Nix

Sun, 18 May 2003 07:18:40 GMT  
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