Announce: Mapil v0.1 PGP/MIME interface 
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 Announce: Mapil v0.1 PGP/MIME interface

        Mapil is a script written in python that supports the PGP/MIME
interface for signing and encrypting MIME messages.  When a message
should be encrypted, decrypted, signed, or verified, Mapil will call
PGP on the appropriate data and put the output into the correct

        Mapil is fully PGP/MIME compliant, and supports PGP 5.0 and
2.6.  It can be run interactively or in batchmode, and its behavior is
very flexible, modified through an rc file or command line options.
It also supports a "policies" file so users can specify that mail to
certain users should be encrypted, to others it should be signed, etc.

        For more information or to download, see the Mapil home page:
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~bescoto/mapil

The following is from the Changelog and describes what is new in 0.1.

Changes from 0.0 to 0.1

Support for PGP 5.0.  Not as good as support for 2.6, but the output
of PGP 5.0 is not as good as 2.6.  With this addition Mapil is 100%
P/MIME compatible as of the latest draft.

Depending on the verbosity, some of the configuration options will be
displayed before the message is processed, and the user may change any
of the options.  The prompt can be disabled through the 'Confirm'
option in the mapilrc file or the --confirm command line option.

Added mapil-mbox in generic directory.  It can run mapil on an
arbitrary message in a Berkeley format mailbox file.

mhmapil script moves xx.mapil back to xx if xx not produced by mapil.

Configuration file can be specified through MAPILRC environment

user to run mapil on current message and more exmh information was

Changed Mapil behavior so it preserves a 'From ' line if it is the
first line of a message.

The / and ~ characters can no longer be used for quoting, but they can
start a non-quoted field in config or policies file.

In the config file, if a ~ is found at the beginning of the
Policiesfilename, Backupfilename, TempDir, or PGPDirectory options, it
will be expanded to $HOME.

The MH message separator '--------' (8 dashes) on an otherwise empty
line is now accepted as a separator.

The options list in the mapilrc man page was alphabetized.

Mapil will now exit gracefully if users choose Q at menus or prompts.

Check to see if too many arguments given to certain options in

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Ben Escoto

Wed, 12 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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