Extending Python on Win32, using a DLL... 
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 Extending Python on Win32, using a DLL...


>Strangely the _only_ way to get unmangled names is to list your
>function names in a def file.   Declare them as

> int __stdcall foo(void)
> int __stdcall bar(int p) ;

>Then you can just list them in the def file

> foo
> bar

Huh?  Assuming that you're talking about python extension modules
(as the subject seems to indicate), what you're saying is highly mis-

Either use a DEF file, or if you're only interested in exporting the
initialization module, use something like this:

#ifdef WIN32


Do *not* use __stdcall for this purpose.

Cheers /F


Thu, 10 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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