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 Umbra alpha 0.7

  Umbra is a simple computer role-playing game, written in Python. The
world is randomly-generated for new play every time, but there is an
eventual goal and storyline. It was heavily influenced by roguelike
games, Alternate Reality, console RPGs, and the works of H.P.  Lovecraft
and Clark Ashton Smith.

  Umbra can be found at < http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~kamikaze/Umbra/>

  As always, feedback here or in private mail is not just encouraged,
but mandatory!

What's New?
  Version 0.7, released 2001May28
     * Hidden temples of Mogth cultists! In the remote wilderness, the
       cultists have built their underground temples where they perform
       unspeakable rites to awaken Mogth... The only trace of their
       temples is the unholy chanting echoing across the land, and the
       cultists wandering around everywhere (though sometimes they do
       that even when there's no temple). So really, they're not hidden
       at all. They're insane cultists of a mad god, what did you expect?
       The dungeons are pretty shallow right now - at most 2 levels each.
       That's because A) they're insane cultists, not burrowing
       cthonians, and B) the dungeon generator is fairly slow, as I
       haven't had time to optimize it yet, so 1 or 2 levels is long
       enough to wait.
       I love dancing around the {*filter*}-stained obsidian altars until my
       entire party goes mad...
     * The vicious sting of gossip! Creatures now react to any actions
       they can see - if you attack their friends, they hate you; attack
       their foes, and they like you more. They even tell their friends
       about you! So you can no longer safely mug children for their
       lunch money... At least, not while anyone's watching. Nor is it
       entirely good for your mental health to hurt innocent civilians.
       I'd stick to {*filter*}ing acolytes, but do as you will.
       This, by the way, is one of the central design concepts for Umbra:
       to allow you to do anything you like, but then carry out the
       consequences. If you {*filter*} civilians for their money and
       possessions and the flesh on their bones, there is a high price to
       pay for this. If you're uncivilized, you'll eventually go crazy
       and turn into a Mogth cultist. There will never be a "You refuse
       to do that!" response, and the game will never take away control
       of your character unless you die or go mad.
     * If you can see both sides of a fight between NPCs, you can now
       tell who's fighting whom.
     * You can now shoot over water and through windows, and small
       critters can go places you can't.

 <a href=" http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~kamikaze/"> Mark Hughes </a>
"I will tell you things that will make you laugh and uncomfortable and really
{*filter*}ing angry and that no one else is telling you.  What I won't do is bullshit
you.  I'm here for the same thing you are.  The Truth." -Transmetropolitan #39

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