print unittest errors immediately 
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 print unittest errors immediately

I've wasted a lot of time waiting for unittests to finish running so
that I can see a traceback raised during the first test.  As often as
not, I'll see many errors all caused by the same bug.  To avoid
wasting so much time, I wrote a little extension to the TextTestRunner
that prints the error immediately instead of at the end.

If you've frittered away hours watching dots march across your screen
waiting for the traceback, I hope you'll find this little bit of code


import traceback
import unittest

class ImmediateTestResult(unittest._TextTestResult):

    def _print_traceback(self, msg, err):
        if self.showAll or self.dots:

    def addError(self, test, err):
        self._print_traceback("Error in test %s" % test, err)

    def addFailure(self, test, err):
        self._print_traceback("Failure in test %s" % test, err)

class ImmediateTestRunner(unittest.TextTestRunner):

    def _makeResult(self):
        return ImmediateTestResult(, self.descriptions,

Sat, 10 Jul 2004 05:21:14 GMT  
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