Summary: Call for a small program - willing to give a bonus 
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 Summary: Call for a small program - willing to give a bonus

Hello out there,

first of all i would like to thank for all the answers. I hope i
answered every one - either by mail or by news group (otherwise let me
know and sorry for not answering your postsings/mails). Because of this
cancelling thing of all the messages my posting: "Call for a small
program - willing to give a bonus" does not exist any longer. And AFAIK
there isn't even reposting.

One suggested that i should ask a programmer of a shareware solution to
add a missing feature, others gave me the link to
hours there - really interesting. Others said that maybe PythonCard
could be of help (This is a project to build a HyperCard (software from
apple) like tool in, and using, the python language. PythonCard is a
software construction kit.)

A few people were interested in such a software but either
        a.) do not have the time right now
        b.) say they do not have enough experience in programing
        c.) some other reasons

This isn't meant to sound ironic.

Some said to me, that i should not start to learn programing by
producing a gui.
Which is a said thing though. Considering the thread: "Ruby vs. Python -
further development of python ..." i totally agree with the people who
say the next thing desperately needed for python is a IDE (for example
like in delphi). I did a little delphi myself and was really astonished
that even someone like me (without knowing a programing language) is
able to make a full working executable with a gui in no time.

If there was a good IDE that would help to convert more people to either
python or ruby. Because "semi-skilled" programers do not want to bother
to learn how to handle gui-classes - for solving small problems - just
my 2 Cent.

No matter about the end of my small project - i would like to say that i
really appreciated the comments and help given here. So thanks to all of
you again.

Best regards

Tom Karas

The early bird catches the worm.
If you want something else for breakfast,
get up later.

Wed, 23 Jun 2004 19:12:03 GMT  
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