Capabilities of python? 
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 Capabilities of python?

I'm creating a pretty simple program, but I want to make sure python can
handle everything I need it to.

The program is basically a mixture of a word processor/translator.  Consider
reading in a foreign language and converting it to english, then printing it
to the screen.  This will have a full GUI using (i guess) TK.

Also I will need this program to be able to open a serial port (such as
com2) and read in the data, converting it the same way.  Also once this data
is converted, I need to be able to send it to other hosts via ethernet.

The program must also supply templates, like in a word processor.  I am
pretty sure I can do this already ;-)

I'm guessing this is not a problem, but want to make sure before I jump on
the bandwagon.

As a side note, when using IDLE-Python on my p350, the text output is VERY
slow.. Pythonwin seems a lot faster but is still not up to par compared to
your basic notepad.  I need to able to scroll very fast and print out text
very fast, can TK handle this?  Or should I look into another python GUI

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Michael Morrison

Fri, 06 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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