Profitable opportunity - Join our affiliate program..... 
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 Profitable opportunity - Join our affiliate program.....


Recently, I visited your web site at http://www.*-*-*.com/ :80/doc/FAQ.html & wanted to compliment you on it.
I would like to inform you, of what can turn out to be an extremely profitable
venture for both of our companies.  "The CPS Group Inc. Affiliate Program".  
Our Affiliate Program is FREE to join, can instantly generate a new and ongoing
stream of income without any cost or obligation on your part.  
Before I get into the details of the program, let me give you a brief backround
of our company.

CPS Group Inc is a leading developer of total Internet Payment Solutions.  
Our services provide new and existing businesses with their own online merchant
processing system, which allows them to accept all major credit cards, personal
& business checks online right from their own web site.  We provide both the
online interface (real time and virtual terminal) as well as the merchant account,
so that your clients have everything they need under one roof to begin accepting
credit cards & checks from their web site.  To get better details on the services
we provide, you can visit us at  

So here is how the program works.  You simply recommend our services to your web
site visitors by placing a banner on your web site that we provide you with or
simply by giving them our toll free number. If they sign up for an e commerce
merchant account from us and gets "approved", you will get paid a referral commission.  
It's that simple!

We handle all customer questions, requests and application processing.

I invite you to visit our Affiliate site to get
all the details on the program. There is absolutely nothing to lose, this is
truly a WIN WIN situation.  Working together, we can both earn and enjoy the
substantial profits that this program has to offer.  I look forward to a long,
mutually profitable relationship with you.

Anthony Santiago
Affiliate Program Coordinator

(800) 933-0064

Sat, 07 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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