A tutorial for Database management 
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 A tutorial for Database management

Where can I find a good tutorial explaining from the beginning how to
manage a database with Python?


Mon, 21 Jun 2004 16:57:39 GMT  
 A tutorial for Database management


> Where can I find a good tutorial explaining from the beginning how to
> manage a database with Python?

> Thanks

A little more information would be helpful.  Is there a particular
target environment (OS-wise)&/or DB vendor? Are there specific types
of DBA activities you want to focus on or essentially the entire
enchilada (backup, recovery, replication, security/user admin,
scheduling, object permissions, etc., etc.)?  Depending on what your
circumstances are, you may be able to do an enormous amount of DBA
stuff from within python right away.  In other cases, it may require
creating an extension module or adding to an existing extension module
in order to get the required functionality exposed from within Python.

The best example of something available now is if you are using MS SQL
Server and Mark Hammond's win32com module.  MS's DTS, DMO,
Replication, etc., services are available to you if you use win32com
(presuming the requisite MSS COM dlls are also available).  However,
its more likely you will need to have MS documentation and/or DBA
books on these services to be able to "orchestrate" things as opposed
to "python specific documentation."  I suspect you find that to be
true of Oracle, Postgres, et.al, as well.  If you are on the Unix
side, I can imagine there are no shortage of folks who can provide
useful insights on what's available or suggestions.

Since each DB vendor has their own way of implementing DBA
functionality, any more details you can shed on this would likely
result in some clearer suggestions.


Tue, 29 Jun 2004 20:34:39 GMT  
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