Dynamic loading on Decstation running Ultrix (mips 4.4) 
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 Dynamic loading on Decstation running Ultrix (mips 4.4)

In the dld library (3.2.3) available from ftp.cwi.nl, the README and
TODO files imply that dld-3.2.3 does not build on Dec stations
running ultrix/mips.  I tried to run make and got a
"N_TXTOFF called with only one variable" error.  

Has anyone successfully built a library for dynamic loading
for python for the decstations?  (I don't care if it's
dld or not, as long as it works.)  Is there something that
makes the dld port to decstation ultrix particularly difficult?

David Redish

Thu, 09 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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