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 Light Princess / AutoManga Game Engine

Hello folks,

We have been working for sometime on an open-source
cross-platform interactive cinema game "The Light
Princess" based on the story by George MacDonald.
So far we have concentrated mainly on creative
development, see:


However, we are now actively seeking help in writing
the game engine, recently christened "AutoManga",
which will be largely implemented in Python.  This
involves three major programming projects:

1) Adapting and integrating the existing interactive
fiction module "Python Universe Builder" (PUB).  First
thing is to improve the documentation base on Joseph
Strout's extensive comments in the code as well as
testing with the sample game file.


2) Implementing a new "AutoManga Animation Engine" which
will provide a cel-animation model with parametric
controls.  The initial version will also have the
benefit of providing a free / open-source animation
playback system.  To support it, we also need to code
extensions to the existing Sketch drawing program (also
in Python) to support creating animation resource files.
(This can presently be done manually, but it's pretty
clumsy to do so).  Probably some portion of this will
need to be in C/C++, but I'd like to keep most of it in
python if possible.


3) We'd like to implement in Python a version of the
Oz Architecture for "believable character agents"
developed originally at Carnegie Mellon University
using a combination of Lisp & C.  The source code
for that project is not available, but the design
documents are, and the design is not so daunting as
it might seem :).  My review, with links to the original
sources is at:


For those who like the big picture, there is also
a page describing how the three would interact:


My apologies if this is off-topic, but I'm obviously
looking for Python programmers who might be interested,
and I couldn't think of a better place to look!

Thanks for your time!
Terry Hancock

Thu, 14 Aug 2003 17:01:27 GMT  
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