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 ANNOUNCE: mirror on

Happy new year,
For some testing reasons, I've set up another www mirror
of .

It can be tested under http://www.*-*-*.com/

Please let me know if it makes sense to have another mirror
and if this is wanted.
It doesn't cost much space (actually about 100 Megs).
My primary reason was to have all about python 1.5 together.

Ken, how much would be needed for a complete mirror including FTP?
Would it make sense, or would one need some cute filtering to avoid
old file versions?

Since we registered primarily to use it for the new
starship sites, I simply made a virtual site
on the Starship. This will change when the new machines are available.

I created the mirror with the script, and made real
timestamps afterwards with which I posted last year.
When there is interest, I will run the script from cron every night.

On the pages: Most are "mirror clean", a few contain absolute links
to (see jpython), and of course the FTP links are absolute.
I'm thinking of persuading the web server to do some postprocessing
here and change links dynamically. Does that make sense, and has
someone done such already?

cheers - pirx


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Mon, 19 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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