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 Python Ring Info

Python ring Info

This is a piece of information about the existing python ring in:
(now with Statistics)

What is it?
From a functional point of view, it's a list of linked web sites
that share a common interest or information, in this case python
related stuff.

How does it work?
The HTML code included in each node of the ring calls a CGI that
performs the movement thru the ring.

How can I join?
In the above web site , fill in your data and that's all.

Why I should ?
If you've done a web site, I think it's worth you spend 15 minutes
promoting it, after your web site has been included in it you'll get
more hits than ever.
Moreover, your information may be interesting for other people, or
you can be interested in other people's work, a big Webring provides
the community a lot of unusual but somehow interesting data.

How can I get more hits?
Because the Webring is a democratic way of organization, that is,
all its members tend to receive the same ammount of visits, the
big ones as much as the small ones.

Well, I don't have a Web page.., so?
So  you must (  :) ) start doing one right now. Seriously, we
( at least me,MGA) are interested in people's work, perhaps you've
been collecting data or even your libraries or methods of work are
clearly defined, the ammount of time required for a fast compilation
of that info is not too much. And I remark that you can learn only
if all ( or many) want to show or teach what they know.

Of course we admit commercial Web sites also, *any* Web site about

Thanks for your time and patience reading this.

Wed, 04 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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