Antigen found VBS/Haptime.A@mm (Norman,CA(InoculateIT)) virus 
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 Antigen found VBS/Haptime.A@mm (Norman,CA(InoculateIT)) virus

This is an automated message sent from the Antigen Virus Protection for


An email intended for you had an attached file, Unknown and the file was


Because of this, the attached file has been Removed.  

The message, "Help ", was sent from JOSHI  and was discovered in the IMC
Queues\Inbound located on the School of Business Mail server.


If you have any questions regarding this message please contact:

Neil Dobier
Technical Systems Support Specialist
School of Business
University of Otago
P.O.Box 56
Crn Clyde & Union Street
New Zealand
Phone: 64 3 479 8996
Mobile: 021674968
Fax: 64 3 479 8171

Fri, 23 Jan 2004 20:26:43 GMT  
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