generator within a generator doesn't execute? 
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 generator within a generator doesn't execute?

from __future__ import generators
from time import time


def xsleep(n):
    while (t+n>time()):
        yield None

def sleep(n):
    for i in xsleep(n): pass

def cutscene():
    yield None #start on second pass

    print "\nEvil Death Knight: I will kill you now!"

    #while (t+1.5>time()): yield None

    print "\nOur Hero: I shall fight you to the death.  Bring it on!"

    #while (t+3>time()): yield None

    print "\nEnd of cutscene."

def ticker():
    yield None #wait till second time through
    print "."
    while 1:
        while (t+.5>time()): yield None
        print "."

def scheduler():
    global threads
        while 1:
            for thread in threads:
    except StopIteration:

if __name__=="__main__":

I added xsleep() (a generator) and modified sleep() (now, not a generator).
cutscene() works as expected.  Why does sleep() block execution of ticker()?
Shouldn't xsleep() yield to the scheduler to allow ticker() to run?

Is there any way, save using Stackless python microthreads, to make the sleep
function 'just work' transparently?

Tue, 10 Jan 2006 21:03:37 GMT  
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