Has anybody made a Tkinter text widget into a terminal emulator? 
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 Has anybody made a Tkinter text widget into a terminal emulator?

Anybody who really needs to type in a lot of text would prefer to use
whatever editor they normally use over a Tkinter text widget.  A
google search on 'Tkinter Terminal Emulator'matches every wretched
SuSE, debian, Red Hat, and NetBSD mirror on the planet, since they all
provide Tkinter, and some sort of terminal emulation packages.  After
crudely excluding sites which mentioned such words, I didn't find
anything interesting.

This has got to be an old problem.  But it seems that most people who
were faced with the problem of doing a lot of text entry in a Tkinter
based GUI decided to build their own editor into their GUI, rather
than building something you could run an existing editor in.  This is
not my idea of fun, and, moreover, will not fix my particular problem
(`What do you _mean_ I can't use EMACS?!).

What have other people done?


Thu, 06 Nov 2003 00:21:18 GMT  
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