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I've had the same issues as Alexander's and finally choose python after reading
some studies about languages comparisons. A list of links is available at

Hope this helps.

Patrick Bussi

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>Here are some very general newbie questions and a plea for your opinion.

>Having some outdated hobby hacking experience (TurboPascal, Modula2,
>DBase) on AtariST and PC, and some recent experience with a 70k perl cgi

>that I actually don't want to use neither C, C++ or Java (overkill) nor
>perl (see above). I confess having used the try and error method of
>learning, therefore my autodidactic abilities stopped every time dynamic
>arrays were needed :).
>I don't want neither spend much time in learning the language nor
>writing professional strength applications but I rather look for a
>replacement of very easy languages as e.g. pascal/basic.

>I'm interested in your opinions concerning the following points:

>-How would you describe the major strengths and flaws of Tcl vs. Python?

     Only one data type: string
     Incomprehensible quoting semantics
     Roll-your-own control flow
     No OO support
     Tk integration
     Lots of code out there
     Roll-your-own control flow

     No roll-your-own control flow
     Lots of GUI options
     No roll-your-own control flow
     Good OO support
     Lots of GUI options
     Simple syntax and semantics
     Library modules

>-Why do you prefer the one you use over the other?

I gave up on Tcl after one program and switch to Scheme.  Now I
use Python a lot more than Scheme.

[I don't know much about eithr on Win32, so I'll let others
answer those questions.]

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