COMMERCIAL: Type 1 Font Rasterizer Library 
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 COMMERCIAL: Type 1 Font Rasterizer Library

CurveSoft(tm) is pleased to announce the availability of FontScope(tm):
A high-performance portable rasterizer library for Type 1 scalable fonts
sometimes also called postscript(tm) fonts.

FontScope allows developers and programmers to build Type 1 scalable
font support directly into their applications thus providing a fast,
efficient, high quality platform-independent solution to the problem of
providing scalable font support.

We've tried to keep this announcement short, so please check our web
page at http://www.*-*-*.com/ for further details about the product.

1.  Allows applications to transform Type 1 fonts via arbitrary 2x2
    non-singular matrices (i.e. scale, shear and rotate).
2.  Supports Multiple Master fonts including ones with intermediate
    masters or ones that do non-linear interpolation such as Kepler or
3.  TCL/TK users can display arbitrarily transformed text and/or
    character outlines in TK canvas widgets via a new canvas item
    called 'glyph'.
4.  Distribution includes full sources.
5.  No need to worry about whether the font server is installed
    because font support is directly built into the application (many
    UNIX sites do not run a font server).
6.  Fast rasterization (see PERFORMANCE section on our web page). With
    a font server, there is a substantial speed penalty due to IPC
    (Inter-Process Communication) overhead.
7.  Platform independence. The rasterizer does not depend on or need
    X11 or Unix, so it is usable in a platform independent way.
    Written in ANSI C and tested on SunOS and Linux under X11R6 and R5.
    Should be buildable on most platforms with a little porting effort.
8.  Thread safe.
9.  Applications can retrieve character outlines (this is usually not
    possible with a font server) as a sequence of straight and Bezier
10. Users of many other applications (such as xdvi, xfig, xpaint, tgif
    etc.) that provide limited font support can integrate FontScope
    into those applications to provide full scalable font support,
    though some programming effort is obviously needed to perform the
11. Modest price.
12. Tested with hundreds of fonts from a variety of vendors.

You can download a free demo for the Linux(x86) and SunOS(SPARC)
platforms from our web page at http://www.*-*-*.com/ . The demo lets
you arbitrarily scale, skew or rotate characters from any Type 1 font
you may have and view either the bitmap or the outline on the screen. If
you have Multiple Master fonts, it lets you create instances and then
view characters from those instances.

Because of our limited resources and modest prices, FontScope is sold
AS IS with NO WARRANTY and NO SUPPORT (support contracts may be
purchased at additional cost). Once the product has been purchased and
the sealed pouch opened, we regret that we are unable to make refunds.

To order FontScope please call 800-563-0843 toll-free from the U.S. or
Canada.  Overseas callers can call 510-843-6485 but please note that it
will be a toll call. The order desk is staffed 8am-5pm (US Pacific time)

The product is currently priced at US$39.95 plus shipping and handling
(S/H). S/H is $5.00 to anywhere in the U.S. or Canada (by U.S. Priority
Mail) $8.00 to most European destinations (by U.S. Global Priority Mail)
and higher to other destinations. California residents will also be
subject to sales tax.

Overnight shipment via Federal Express or UPS is also available at
additional cost.  Current payment options are Visa or MasterCard. We
regret that we are unable to take personal checks or COD orders.

Please note that the sales staff manning the order desk at the above
numbers are not engineers and have little or no technical information
about the product, so please do not ask them technical questions. We
recommend reading the "Features and Benefits" and the "Frequently Asked
Questions" sections on our web page for technical information.

If you have access to a Linux(x86) or a SunOS(SPARC) machine, we
strongly suggest downloading the demo program since that allows you to
test FontScope on your own Type 1 fonts as well as get an idea of the
speed and quality. If unanswered questions still remain, please email

-- CurveSoft and FontScope are trademarks of CurveSoft, Inc. PostScript
   is a trademark of Adobe Systems.
-- Prices are subject to change without notice.
-- Please read the "Bugs and Patches" section on our web page for a list
   of known limitations of FontScope.

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