ANN: 1.0 -- Chess move adjudicator 
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 ANN: 1.0 -- Chess move adjudicator

I've decided to start releasing most of the python modules I've written
under GPL.  Before I get into ISP transfer hell this weekend, I put
together the first release of a chess adjudicator.  The official URL is



    This Python module does not how to *play* chess, but does
    understand the rules enough that it can watch moves and verify
    that they are correct.

Getting the software

    The software is available in a tarball here:

    The official URL for this Web site is


    This module has the following features:

    - high abstraction

    - understands various notations, including algebraic, long
      algebraic, and standard algebraic notation (as in PGN); does

    - supports saving and loading of the state of a game

    - not a trivial move processor; understands the intracies of the


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Wed, 05 Nov 2003 13:49:07 GMT  
 ANN: 1.0 -- Chess move adjudicator
Due to an oversight, the URL to the chess software tarball was
incorrect.  The corrected version is now reflected in the Web site and

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Thu, 06 Nov 2003 12:30:47 GMT  
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