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 Python/Python Windows/PostgreSQL/ODBC


The subject says it all.

Got a project that involves Python:

I currently run python under Linux and connect to a PostgreSQL database
with no problems using PyGreSQL.

I now need to access the very same database from a Windows 98 box. This
is my first stop down this road, so any guidance would be greatly

Do I rely on ODBC, or are there better methods of access available?

If I rely on ODBC, are there any "Gotchas" I gotta watch out for?


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Fri, 07 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
 Python/Python Windows/PostgreSQL/ODBC

 >The subject says it all.

I have a quite related problem, perhaps somebody has some advice for me. It's
a bit complex and off-topic. But since here are a lot of experienced
programmers, I hope to find help here :-)

Together with a co-worker I'm just about starting an OpenSource project (see
below). First step should be a prototype for testing interfaces and
performance. Later we (or others :-) may port some of the stuff to another
language (e.g C) for native compilation.

Currently we are struggling about the
- design (abstraction layer or not)
- programming language
- DB interfacing (via language modules or JDBC -- which is also a language
- modularization

These are the constrains:

             he                         me

Plattform    Windos NT(?)               Linux

Language     Java                       Python

Interfacing  via SQL/JDBC               via Abstraction-Layer
to DBMS                                 onto SQL/JDBC

RDBMs        InstantDB or               PostGreSQL
             (not yet settled)

Well, nothing is settled yet :-(

So for making good progress I had this idea:
- Write an absraction layer in Python. I think this would be the quickest way
  to get the API-prototype.
- Allow interfacing from Java to the Python layer, so my co-worker can still
  programm in Java :-)
- If usefull: access the DBMS via JDBC. (I'm quite unsure about this.)

Later is should be easy to replace the Python layer with e.g. C and
access it fom Python, Java, C, you-name-it.

For me, I'm new to Python but seam to like it. I've never done Java, but it
does not seam to suite me. My Co-worker did nothing with Python an only a
little with Java.

Actual Questions:

- Is it possible to _easy_ embedd Python into Java, preferable without
  writing stubs? I've seen JPython but am not quite sure whether is can to
  this job easily. Esp. I messed a short intro for this specific topic.

- Is it possible to access java classes, esp. JDBC  from within Python?

- Does ist make sense to use JDBC instead of Pythons DB-API? (If he really
  selects InstandDB, this would become a must :-(

- Can Python modules be compiled/transformed into shared libs/dlls?

- Is DB-Api easy to use? (I only had a short look at it.)

- What software packages do we need to download?

I'll gladly accept any RTFM with pointer :-)

About the project (for those interested):

We are going to re-implement a DB based News/Mail system we both used on
Amiga. It's called UMS (Universal Massage System,
and has some nice feature we are still missing an any other plattform.
Readers for UMS are very comfortable -- well, have been, since nowerdays
Amigas are quite a bit slow ;-)

Thanks for all answers!

Sat, 08 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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