newbie rfc/mime question 
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 newbie rfc/mime question

I've been slowly but surely fumbling my way through writing an email client
in python as a learning experience. I'm now stumped on something that might
be quite trivial, but has left me going...huh? I have an email message as a
rfc object...and I'm using msgobject.getheader('header') to get the relevant
from, to, subject, etc, but what has me bumfuzzled is how to get the actual
text body of the message minus all the headers. I designed a custom class
that slimmed down a msg object to a from, to, date, subject, and body which
makes it easier for me to work with...but I just can't seem to figure out
how to get just the body. The rfc822.fp method seems to return headers and
everything. If I just missed something in the rfc docs I apologize, and
would appreciate a pointer. Thanks in advance.

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Wed, 04 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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