"Python List for Users": a personal summary 
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 "Python List for Users": a personal summary

1.  People named Fredrik are generous to a fault.
2.  A python Journal sounds like a winner to me.  If I
    didn't have so many family members to entertain me,
    I would have started one by now.  I think some of
    us should talk more about this.
3.  An autoresponding FAQ is probably no more than a
    small gain.  By all accounts, it costs even less.
    Andreas might well be persuaded to contribute a
    copy of the system comp.lang.tcl uses.
4.  I don't understand the "intimidation" theme.  It's
    probably a cultural blindness.  I recognize threads
    sometimes go esoteric.  I'm unable to read c.l.p in
    any way which makes it feel unwelcome to newcomers.
5.  Foreach newcomer N and topic T
         for which N can write,
    "all I want is an explanation of such elementary
    stuff as T,"
         there exists an oldtimer O and positive Q
         such that
    O writes, "I've been doing this for Q years, and
    I've never learned how to T."
6.  Someone will write to improve the indentation of
    point 5.
7.  More tutorials are good.
8.  Everything Just and the starship and PSA people
    do to improve the Web sites are good.  We should
    make soup for them, and/or chain them to their
9.  I'm also still blind about what the original point
    was.  Every time we try to look at a specific
    instance in which someone unrequitedly wanted
    information, some of us conclude there's no better
    process for ensur- ing that result, and others say,
    "Python should be more like {Modula,Eiffel,
    PowerBuilder,VisualBasic, ...}, in that x5tu hilg
    8vazq typceuuk ..."  I'm really not getting what it
    is that those other technologies have that Python
    doesn't.  If someone wants to invest still more in
    this thread, please explain to me a system that
    works better.  The mailing list proposal is a
    speculation, as I understand it, not an example.

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Wed, 22 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 "Python List for Users": a personal summary

Here are the results of the "www.developer.com survey of
programming languages".


You may call the survey lame, but I like the outcome :-).
Python became the number 1 of the "write-in votes" (the
languages not mentioned in their list). Here is what they
wrote about python:

  As for the write-in votes, Python made the biggest splash
  with a large number of votes and a very dedicated
  following who praised its functionality with, "Python is
  by far the best popular language in existence," and
  "Python blows away the competition in syntax, clarity and
  development speed every time."

     ''''\     Michael Scharf

    `    >     http://www.TakeFive.com

Fri, 01 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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