avoid a blocking operation on a (named) pipe / timeout on a pipe 
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 avoid a blocking operation on a (named) pipe / timeout on a pipe


I'd like to build a module to manage a (named) pipe, without problems if
the operation on the pipe is blocking my program.

I already make a little module that use the "os.fork()" function to check
the time/timeout on the "open(pipename,...)", (and it seems to work!) but
I'm looking for something better. (if someone is interested in, I can post
here my "safe_pipe.py" module)

I'm searching for some info about select.select() but I'm not sure how to
use it... or I'm looking for some hints/modules to make what I want. :)

Someone can help me?!

Thank you in advance.

Mon, 31 May 2004 02:48:29 GMT  
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