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 Intro To Tkinter

In the section "More On Widget names"  there is  mention of an option
"name". I tried using this
option with the PMW FieldEntry. I get an error telling me that this
option is not recognized. Is this option
available in FieldEntry? It also said  in the intro. that  the only time
to use this option  is when one
needs an interface with Tcl. I never learn Tcl/Tk, can someone tell me
why this is only needed
with this interface?
What I'm trying to do is determine when a paticular widget has keyboard
focus. I have solution, but
I think there must be a better way. My solution  would require me
putting a bind() on each FieldEntry that
would use the FocusIn(). Because I have many FieldEntry widget I would
need a method for each
FocusIn(). I then would have a globel variable that  would  hold the
name of the widget that would
have the focus.
What is the better way?

Thu, 05 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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