Fixing the FAQ (was Re: Newbie: finding the key/index of the min/max element) 
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 Fixing the FAQ (was Re: Newbie: finding the key/index of the min/max element)


>> Of course the FAQ itself would have to be vetted by the group, so it
>> truly represents a consensus.  A good FAQ is a non-trivial amount of
>> work.  Any volunteers?

>I did once consider doing some serious work to bring the FAQ up to
>date, but I seem to remember the BDFL made some dismissive remark along
>the lines of "nobody reads FAQs any more". I may be misrepresenting
>him, but since he probably won't read this what the hell do I care ;-).
>One major problem is the AutoFAQ's careless habit of dropping articles
>into the section int he order of submission.

>We might make a good team for that task ...

suggested that he go to doc-sig, but now that there are three of you, it
might be worth setting up a temporary special SIG.  Any other takers?

Based on what I'm reading in this thread, the deliverable could well end
up being two separate FAQs, one that gets regularly autoposted here (and
other places) and the heavy-duty informational FAQ (the current FAQ
cleaned up and reorganized).

I'm willing to help do some of the work, but I'm not interested in doing
the organizing or politicking.  ;-)

"I used to have a .sig but I found it impossible to please everyone..."  --SFJ

Tue, 19 Oct 2004 04:59:47 GMT  
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