_tkinter makes core dump (Re: python links with Tk in OS/2 - but core dumps) 
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 _tkinter makes core dump (Re: python links with Tk in OS/2 - but core dumps)

This issue of python/Win 95 is causing a little grief. We have got our
app going fine under Linux and NT, but we have this same problem
under Win95 ("Invalid page fault in module CW3215.dll at <some address")
when our app exits.

Some of our staff would like to take a copy of our app home (a
physiological simulation of some Intensive Care scenarios) and play them
out on machines that mainly run Win95...

Still, having python/Tk on all these machines is just fantastic. When
(?if?) the native look and feel come to Tk, things will be even better. If
I had a little more time, I'd probably try to learn the Win API and use
pythonWin, but I just haven't got that extra few weeks per day to do it!



Wed, 21 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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