Announce: New version of Python Templates for Emacs 
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 Announce: New version of Python Templates for Emacs

This post is for programmers who use Emacs :-)

A new version of ELSE (Emacs Language Sensitive Editor) has just been
released recently. ELSE is a minor mode for Emacs that adds code templating,
code  abbreviations, code skeletons, whatever term you have for it :-).
Basically it allows the user to create standard "forms" for text entry where
the "fields" that require user input are easy to navigate to and change -
programming is after all, just selection of a "form" and filling in the
blanks :-). So ELSE is ideal for any repetitive text entry job where only a
portion of the text requires modification/customisation. Examples of such
situations are file/function headers, code structures etc etc

Today, I have also uploaded a new version of the python coding templates
that can be used with it to generate Python code. These templates are more
in keeping with the Python coding standards than the previous set (please
point out any errors in my interpretation of that standard :-)). The
Python-cust.lse file then contains examples on "overriding" those same
standards i.e. you don't like an indentation of 4 spaces then the very first
statement shows how to change it to 2 spaces :-)

These packages (plus templates for other languages) can be found at
http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~peterm

Full support is provided at no cost :-) Questions are welcomed.


Mon, 26 Apr 2004 04:42:25 GMT  
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